Danny Denenberg

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Hey yall! I'm workin' on developing this site into a beautiful flower 🌺 (btw, want this theme? Here ya go!)

I’m an award winning musician, singer, and actor from Omaha, NE :) (I also do a bit of coding on the side)

I am CRAZY about website themes, and like to develop my own, like this one here. It is heavily inspired by @mdo who is a great designer. If you’re interested in my other themes, some are currently on github (like my ghost-tufte ghost theme) and others will be uploaded in the future.

I also have done some study into the mathematical underworkings of nerual nets as well as database-client relationships in Node.js/Typescript/JavaScript. Some of those findings/explanations you can find here.

How the hell can I get in touch with this guy??

Email sure works in a jiffy…..[email protected]